Namaste in New York

Health 6 October 2013 | Comments Off

c65ab63d-60db-4f6d-ba49-2b32af1ada90_640x427Every year beginning in 2002, Times Square has been a meca for yoga enthusiasts to gathered for the worlds largest yoga practice on the longest day of the year. The practice is actually an all day festival with more than 8,000 yogis participating in various ways. Believe it or not many have found tranquility and the path to a higher plain of existence in the the middle of one of the world’s busiest intersections, Times Square.

The 11th Solstice at Times Square event was held on Friday with thousands of yoga enthusiasts gathered at to celebrate the first day of summer together with a celebration of yoga and peace. This years event was called  “Mind Over Madness” by the organizers. A fitting name indeed for attempting a yoga practice at  Times Square. The distractions and craziness of the location can make it a difficult place to find tranquility but if you can find it here you can find it anywhere says the organizers. “It’s a metaphor for calming the mind amidst the madness of modern life,” said Tim Tompkins,  Times Square Alliance president and co-founder of the annual event.

There are five sessions with more than 15,000 people expected to attend. Sections of the streets will be block off to only allow foot-traffic  throughout the day Friday on Broadway between 43rd and 48th streets. However since the roads haven’t been closed completely and businesses are open as usual, vehicles and pedestrians will be near the area where the yoga secessions are happening. It should be an interesting Namaste.

Argentina’s President to Take a Month Off

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b4f6a682-19d5-4058-838a-e36e7327782b-300x180The president of Argentina Cristina Fernandez, was ordered by her doctors to take a month away from work because of a subdural haematoma in her brain, the Guardian was reporting Saturday. This would end her vigorous schedule of campaigning  for her party in this month’s upcoming congressional elections.

Fernandez, who is 60, entered the hospital in Buenos Aires on Saturday.  Apparently  president  Fernandez suffered an injury to the her brain in the summer, but no details were forthcoming about what occurred.

Current Vice-president Amado Boudou returned earlier than anticipated from France to Argentina and assumed the ailing president’s duties.

Fernandez is in an important moment of the electoral campaign of elections to be held at end of October. The outcome of these elections will determine control of Congress.

A subdural haematoma is basically a bruise on the brain and is caused by a significant blow to the head and if not addressed correctly can be very serious. It is thought the in this case the haematoma is small enough that it will not be treated surgically but will simply be monitored during this time of rest in the hopes that if will eventually resolve itself.

Mrs. Fernandez has been president since 2007, and has had ailing health before. Having had her thyroid glands removed last year after a cancer diagnosis. Her husband also died of a heart attack 3 years ago. He was also a former president. The next president will be chosen in 2015.


Obama would Change Name of Hometown Team

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Zena "Chief Z" WilliamsThe Associated Press reports that President Barack Obama would “think about changing” the name of his hometown team if he was the current owner adding fuel to the fire involving the use of the work Redskin as the mascot name that may be offensive to some Native Americans.

Obama, explained that if such names bother a large enough number of people it may be worth considering changing the name even if that means upsetting the fan who have grown so accustomed to their beloved teams name. In a quote from the interview Friday at the White House he said “I don’t know whether our attachment to a particular name should override the real legitimate concerns that people have about these things,”.

President Obama who is a huge  sports fan and loves his Chicago Bears,  said he doesn’t think Washington football fans are intentionally trying  to offend American Indians. “I don’t want to detract from the wonderful Redskins fans that are here. They love their team and rightly so,” he said.

But he did side with those that dislike the football team’s name, noting that Indians are easily offended about mascots and team names that they feel depict negative stereotypes about their heritage.

Dan Snyder has the last say in that matter as he is the current owner -has vowed to never rename the team.